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Jenny Myers
Jenny Myers.png
Gender: Female
Composure: 10/10
Luck: 8/10
Repair: 2/10
Speed: 3/10
Stamina: 5/10
Stealth: 6/10
Strength: 1/10

Jenny Myers is one of the Counselors in Friday the 13th: The Game, and is nicknamed "The Girl Next Door".[1] She is one of the five counselors already unlocked in the beginning of the game, the others being Chad Kensington, Kenny Riedell, Vanessa Jones, and Sheldon "Shelly" Finkelstein.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Jenny is the kind of counselor whose strengths/weaknesses aren't well known due to requiring an indepth knowledge on how the stats work. Her composure as well as luck stand out as her main selling points, whereas her athleticism (speed/stamina) is somewhat lacking. With this in mind, many people are usually confused as to what is her actual role on the team. Considering her low strength makes her seem like a weak fighter while her repair stat is also low, she would appear at first to be bad at both fixing objectives as well as unable to save anyone from Jason's assaults.

But her stats are misleading; in reality she can be one of the strongest protectors in the game, whether that be getting Jason's attention away from her team or fighting him off to buy the others more time.

The key to her playstyle is understanding the dual nature of the composure stat. On the one hand she isn't frightened easily, and as such she can keep a level head even when Jason is around. But due to how composure works, when her fear levels become too high, it takes longer for Jenny to regain her bravery compared to counselors with weak composure. Still, it takes well over three minutes before she reaches maximum fear levels (unless you are exposed to high amounts of fear-inducing elements that speeds up the process), something that can help her remain in control long enough to shake Jason off her.

Jenny's high luck increases the amount of times she can successfully hit Jason with weapons before they break; this makes her good at fighting Jason off (especially when wielding longer weapons like a baseball bat).

The most important point about having high fear resistance plus high luck means she can stave off the stumbling penalty. Since it takes a long time for her to panic as well as having her high luck reduce her natural chance to stumble, she can avoid mistimed stumbles when trying to hit Jason with a weapon, all of which can make or break her in a fight. In fact, she is the second least-likely counselor in the game to stumble, beaten only by Tommy Jarvis in that regard.

Unusually, Jenny's low strength can actually be ignored in certain cases. Since using combat stance will double the amount of damage dealt with melee weapons, her ability to rip Jason's mask off in a fight isn't too bad compared to others (it takes roughly four swings with a machete or axe to demask Jason). Of course this depends on using combat stance, but her high luck makes her a surprisingly solid candidate for using an axe to fight Jason off. While dealing damage to him isn't ideal if your team isn't focusing on trying to kill him, it does help buy you more time to escape if you can cause him to fall over in pain or stun him.

Her speed is also low, but she is still able to outpace even a running Jason (Parts 2-4) merely by jogging which helps her conserve stamina. With medicore reserves, she has to be careful if she's forced to sprint more often (e.g. avoiding an attempt Shift-Grab combo by Jason), but she can fight Jason to recover stamina. When jogging alone against Jason, and you need to replenish stamina, use combat stance to lock on directly to Jason (which also turns her to face Jason) in order to prepare for battle at a moment's notice. Using a baseball bat or an axe is a good idea since these weapons have a longer reach than others, and her luck will help improve their durability as well. If you feel that you won't be able to safely fight him, then duck into a nearby cabin instead. There's no reason to needlessly put yourself into danger if there's a nearby cabin, and her high luck can also help prevent broken window damage if the situation pops up.

Ultimately, Jenny's true strengths aren't well known, so many Jason players aren't aware of her style of play. Despite having low speed, she can still jog instead of sprint to stay away from Jason. In other words, she can be surprisingly good at being a decoy, drawing Jason's attention away from others while they make repairs. And since she's slow, it's easier for Jenny to pick up aggro compared to faster counselors who Jason will not want to chase if there are slower counselors around. It also helps her cause that her high composure will help stave off the stamina regeneration as well as stumbling penalties, both of which occur at higher levels of fear. Finally, some of the most valuable melee weapons in the game that typically have low durability will last much longer in her hands.

Try to arm Jenny with high stun potential weapons; the baseball bat should taken precedence above all else. Firearms are another considerable idea, but since the baseball bat won't break easily in Jenny's hands (and it has a guaranteed stun chance upon striking Jason), it might be better to hand off firearms to teammates who are terrible at fighting.

With Jenny's bravery; some luck; and a baseball bat to boot, she can survive long enough to make her deserving of being the "Final Girl." Just don't push your luck too far, and watch over your teammates.

Virtual Cabin 2.0[edit | edit source]

In the Virtual Cabin, she can be found in the first floor bathroom wearing her Spring Break '84 DLC bikini. After Jason breaks out of his display case, Jenny's corpse is in the bathtub with her leg severed.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

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Jenny wears a striped top, rose colored jeans, and is caucasian with dark brown hair. She represents the "Final Girl" trope, as well as the "Girl Next Door" trope, which by definition is a woman who is easily relatable; well-liked; and takes a stand of bravery against the main villian, sometimes even dealing the killing blow.

The stats for Jenny Myers.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Jenny's model, and her default clothing choices, are references to the character "Chris Higgins" from the film Friday the 13th Part III. Her clothes also includes clothing from Brenda from the original friday the 13th film.
  • Her last name is a possible reference to the horror slasher franchise Halloween, in reference to the film series' iconic villain Michael Myers.
    • Ironic enough, Friday the 13th was initially created by director (and series creator) Sean S. Cunningham and writer Victor Miller to cash in on Halloween.
    • It could also be a presumable reference to the 2007 remake of Halloween, where Jenny's voice actress Kristina Klebe played Lynda in the latter film.

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