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Wrench is one of the weapons you can find in Friday the 13th: The Game.

First, despite appearances, it's not used as a tool; its only purpose is to assault Jason. But with its overall great stats, it's a valuable pick for fighting him off when he gets too close.

With above average stun as well as low damage, this is a great option for counselors who are trying to stun Jason rather than damage him. The stun chance is reliable, and the low damage means unsuccessful strikes will not increase his Rage a great amount. As a nice bonus it has above average durability, meaning even characters with low luck don't have to worry about this weapon breaking often.

As of Patch 1/30/2018, this weapon's total spawn amounts in-game was lowered, making it a somewhat rare weapon to find. However, it's well worth the search; few weapons are as reliable as this choice for self-defense, even when alone.

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