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Weapons can be found in Friday the 13th: The Game.

Weapons Overview[edit | edit source]

During a match, weapons are randomly scattered throughout the levels (with the exception of the shotgun, whose placements are fixed depending on the map).

Counselors will not start matches equipped with a weapon unless they use the Slugger Perk. Jason, on the flip side, always starts off armed.

Weapon Statistics:[edit | edit source]

For counselors, there are three main stats each weapon has when determining their fighting potential:

  • Stun: The chance to momentarily stun Jason upon striking him; when successful, he cannot take any actions for several seconds. It's based on RNG, and cannot be improved by any counselor stats, meaning it's heavily based on the weapon's stun chance itself. However, weapons with maxed stun have a guaranteed chance to stun Jason when hitting him, so long as you don't attack during his stun invulnerability frames.
  • Damage: The amount of damage a weapon can inflict on Jason. It's an important stat when trying to Kill Jason since damage will unmask him eventually. Although somewhat based on RNG, counselors with high strength who wield high damage weapons can typically unmask Jason within a handful of hits.
  • Durability: How long a weapon lasts before breaking. A weapon's durability weakens everytime you strike Jason, whether or not he was stunned at the time. The Luck stat improves a weapon's durability, helping it last longer.

All counselor weapons, except the Axe and Baseball Bat, swing at the same rate unless equipped with the Swift Attacker perk.

Some items can be used to attack Jason, and can be found in various places.

Jason's weapons will not break, and he deals a fixed amount of damage. He also has a faster attack speed than counselors, and can grab them quickly as well. As a hidden bonus, Part 6 Jason as well as Savini Jason wield weapons with a longer reach than the other choices.

Weapons for Counselors:[edit | edit source]

Weapons for Jason:[edit | edit source]

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