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Virtual Cabin 2.0 is a heavily expanded sequel to the original Virtual Cabin. Whereas the original was a separate application given only to backers and pre-orders in order to quell flames, the sequel is a free gamemode that is part of the base game and serves as more of an actual dev-diary, filled with commentary on walkie-talkies as well as readable passages containing several bits of trivia both dealing with the making of the film series as well as the video game.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The gameplay is largely the same as the first game with several noted additions. Gone is the need to stare at various items for extended amounts of time, and instead, in its place are various cryptic puzzles that require physical interaction and inventory management in order to solve them. Also gone is a definitive counselor room, as they are now strewn about to freely view and interact with as the player chooses.

The mode starts off with a DOS-style opening, showing that the player is booting up Virtual Cabin 1.1, and is a simple two story cabin with 5 accessible rooms from the start, including the lobby and loft as their own rooms. All other doors are locked and additionally, a locked door on the second story reads "Coming Soon" implying that it would be accessible during a later update. With the base game at their disposal, the player can merely view objects and counselors and read the details given to them. If the player views some of the reading material, they'll be able to find puzzles that can lead to a password on the computer in the lobby. Inputting the password on the Update screen will enable the player to store items within their inventory and crouch, as well as unlock two doors on the bottom floor.

After enabling the inventory, the player will be able to begin the Badge Puzzle, which consists of four puzzles each split into two objectives, one involving dioramas, one involving Hockey Masks, one involving the collection of various items, and perhaps the most cryptic, one involving the identification of a phone number. Each task will award the player a badge which can be placed on a plaque in the kitchen, which will grant access to the new Jason Room. Said room contains nine display cases with Jasons 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, and 9, as well as Savini Jason and two cases covered in curtains. In order to complete the game, the player needs to change the date on the computer to an actual Friday the 13th in any year except for 1999, which will cause the phone in the Jason Room to ring. Answering it will prompt Pamela to tell the player that there's still a chance that they can bring Jason back, before the player turns around and is greeted with Pamela's shrine. They are then returned to the title screen.

If the player chooses to return to the Virtual Cabin, more cryptic unlockables await them, including an outside area, a surprise appearance by Part 1 Jason, and the prime secret hidden within the game, the upcoming Uber Jason and playable Grendel map. Beyond these secrets are more hidden details that have yet to be uncovered.

Jason Room[edit | edit source]

The Jason Room is largely the same as it was before with the addition of a phone in the place where Pamela's Shrine used to be, as well as three additional display cases, with one showing off the newly added Part 4 Jason, and the other two being curtained until their secrets had been discovered. Those secrets being Part 1 Jason, and Uber Jason.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This Virtual Cabin marks the only reference to Roy Burns in the game thus far, as one of the puzzles requires the collection and placement of the Jason masks in order from three to nine, and includes Roy's mask, which needs to be removed from the group in order to complete the puzzle. Leaving it in the player's inventory until they either quit or finish the mode. Additionally, completing this quest gives the player a Badge with Roy's mask on it.
    • This would eventually prove to be foreshadowing, as the next Jason to be added to the game was Roy Burns as Jason (Part 5) on January 30th, 2018.
    • Additionally, this mode also contains a very vague reference to Freddy vs. Jason, when a trivia passage notes that Ken Kirzinger would go on to play Jason in a later film, said film being Freddy vs. Jason.
  • The Part 3 and 6 Jasons in this mode use a Pitchfork and Machete to kill the player, both weapons that they cannot actually use in-game, as Part 3 wields an axe and Part 6 uses a spear.
    • In game you cannot equip a pitchfork
  • The pictures above the podiums could be direct references to the Christmas song Twelve Days of Christmas. The Painting of a Pear in the display room could be "A partridge in a pear tree", the Painting of Two Birds in the upstairs bedroom could be "Two turtle doves", the Painting of Three Red Birds above the second podium in the display room could be "Three french hens", and the Painting of Four Red Birds could be "Four calling birds".

Screen Shots[edit | edit source]