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Strength is one of the Character Statistics in Friday the 13th: The Game.

Description[edit | edit source]

This stat influences several combat related actions:

  • Increases attack damage dealt with weapons.
  • Increases stun duration from melee weapons.
  • Reduces stamina cost for all combat actions, which includes combat stance actions (like dodging) along with swinging the weapon (either in combat stance or not).
  • One of two stats calculated for a counselor's ability to escape Jason when grabbed (the other being composure).

While fighting Jason, if he takes too much damage in a short period of time, he can be knocked down while counselors gain more time to escape. The catch is several weapons which feature high damage also tend to have weak stun potential; some Jasons will opt for grabbing you instead, meaning you won't get many opportunities to inflict damage on Jason. This is especially the case if you're alone when Jason finds you, unless he believes you have a pocket knife on hand. Keep in mind stunning Jason won't damage him, therefore you should use weapons with a combination of high damage as well as low stun chance in order to avoid this problem.

If you're trying to kill Jason, counselors with high strength should gather to ambush him; this will make it easier to demask him. When choosing to pick fights with Jason, do so with a group; he will have a more difficult time grabbing a victim without being stunned. With enough hits, the mask should fall off, fulfilling one crucial task as well as potentially making another one easier depending on the circumstances.

Remember that using combat stance will double the amount of damage you do with a weapon if you use heavy vertical attacks. Even counselors with low strength can demask Jason using an axe or machete in combat stance within a handful of hits, albeit it's still more efficient to do so with a counselor that is proficient in strength.

Some perks will increase, or decrease, all damage dealt to Jason when using a weapon. Increasing damage is helpful for counselors with high strength, but if you're on a team with poor coordination then it might be better to lower your damage if your counselor has low strength. You can minimize how fast Jason gains his Rage ability through this method since higher damage will further increase his Rage build-up, but if the team's goal is to kill Jason then you should avoid decreasing your potential damage since your team will need to rip Jason's mask off.

Myths Confirmed/Debunked[edit | edit source]

  • Contrary to popular belief, strength doesn't affect the chance to stun Jason; this is determined by the weapon a counselor wields as well as certain perks.
  • When Jason suffers damage, his Rage Mode ability will charge faster.
  • If a counselor is in critical condition, the amount of damage they deal will be reduced. It's important for counselors with a proficiency in strength to heal themselves when hurt; this way they can unmask Jason with fewer hits.

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