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Stealth is one of the Character Statistics in Friday the 13th: The Game

Description[edit | edit source]

This stat reduces the amount of noise generated when moving around. Whenever noise is generated, it appears to Jason in the form of white pings.

White pings helps give Jason an inkling of where counselors might be, as well as who they possibly are depending on their frequency.

  • If your stealth is at ten, you will be able to jog around without sending white pings to Jason (unless the counselor has reached max levels of fear).
  • Sprinting without creating noise is possible on maxed stealth levels if the counselor is also equipped with the Light Foot perk.
  • Counselors with stealth levels of at least six can walk without producing white pings.
  • All counselors will avoid making noise pings while crouch walking.
  • Swimming in water, as well as walking over a small river, will drastically increase the amount of noise a counselor makes.
  • Performing actions outside of movement (e.g. barricading a door) will not generate noise.

Stealth doesn't affect your chances to avoid Jason's Sense ability. Furthermore, while Jason's Rage ability is active, he doesn't hear noise as well as he does normally, meaning some counselors with mediocre stealth will be able to jog without alerting Jason (albeit his heightened abilities more than makes up for this weakness). As a result, high stealth can be considered an early game advantage, whereas it becomes worthless once Jason's Rage ability is activated.

The counselors with the highest stealth are tied between A.J. Mason and Tiffany Cox.

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