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Pocket Knife

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Pocket Knife

Pocket Knife is one of the items in Friday the 13th: The Game.

It has the appearance of a red swiss army pocket knife. Upon spawning into a game, a total of three knives will appear somewhere on the maps (usually drawers or campfires).

First, it can be used to break free from Jason's grab without having to struggle. Upon doing so you receive stamina just like you would by struggling free from his grasp. It can also be used to disarm Jason's traps when crouching near it by initiating the button prompt which appears.

When Jason decides to slash his victims to death more than executing them via grabs, it might be a better idea to use the pocket knives for disarming traps. Although pocket knives are useful to break free from Jason's grasp, they are worthless if he refuses to grab you at all. Furthermore, if Jason attacks you to critical levels before grabbing you, a pocket knife will only delay the inevitable if you don't have a med spray to allow you to jog unhindered once more.

Tommy Jarvis will always spawn in-game with a pocket knife in his inventory.

Offline Mode[edit | edit source]

The AI in Offline mode will utilize Pocket Knives if Jason grabs them. It is currently unknown if any besides Tommy spawn with them, but they will pick them up in the game. The AI may be capable of disabling traps if they have a pocket knife as well.

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