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Perks can be equipped by counselors to modify their loadout in Friday the 13th: The Game.

List of Perks[edit | edit source]

Perk Name Positive Effect Negative Effect Additional Effect
Adrenaline Rush + Grab Stamina Boost - Stamina Regen None
Aquanaut + Swim Speed - Sprint Speed + Swim Stamina
Controlled Breathing - Hiding Fear - Stamina None
Easy Listening + Radio Stamina Regen + Noise None
Escape Artist + Grab Escape - Grab Stamina Boost None
Evasion + Dodge Speed + Damage Taken None
Firecracker + Firecracker Radius + Noise Start with Firecracker
Friendship + Damage per Nearby Teammate - Stun None
Grease Monkey - Car Start Time + Boat Start Time None
Grinder + XP Gained - Melee Damage None
Heavy Hitter + Bat Stun Time - Stamina Regen None
Heavy Mover + Barricade Speed + Noise None
Heavy Sleeper + Tent Sense Avoid + Fear None
Homebody + House Sense Avoid - Stamina None
Hypochondriac + Healing + Damage Taken Start with Medical Spray
Ice Cold - Corpse Fear - Sprint Speed None
Lead Foot + Car Speed - Boat Speed None
Level Headed + Sense Avoid + Noise None
Light Foot - Sprint Noise + Fear None
Lone Wolf - Solo Fear - Melee Attack None
Low Profile + Sense Avoid - Sprint Speed + Crouched Speed
Man At Arms + Weapon Durability - Melee Stun None
Marathon + Stamina - Sprint Speed None
Medic + Healing + Damage Taken 2 uses per Medical Spray
Motorboating + Boat Speed - Car Speed None
My Dads A Cop - Cop Time - Car Speed None
Nerves of Steel - Fear - Sprint Speed No Fear Mini-map loss
Night Owl - Darkness Fear + Noise None
Potent Ranger + Tommy Damage - Not Tommy Damage None
Preparedness - Fear - Sprint Speed Start with Large Map
Psychic + Voice Range + Noise Start with Walkie Talkie
Pyro + Flare Spot Time + Fear None
Quiet Swimmer + Swim Sense Avoid + Fear - Swim Noise
Restful + Stamina Regen - Sprint Speed None
Scout + Trap Escape + Damage Taken None
Slugger + Damage - Stun Start with Baseball Bat
Sneaky + Window Speed + Damage Taken + Hiding Speed
Spacial Awareness - Stumble + Noise None
Speed Demon + Solo Vehicle Speed - Repair Speed None
Sucker Punch + Melee Stun - Sprint Speed None
Swift Attacker + Attack Speed - Attack Damage None
Teamwork - Fear per Nearby Teammate - Attack Strength None
Thick Skinned - Damage Taken + Stumble None
Thrasher + Axe Damage - Melee Stun None
Tinker + Repair Speed - Stamina None