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Machete is one of the Weapons in Friday the 13th: The Game.

This is one of the less useful weapons for general self-defense since it has a mediocre chance to stun Jason. Its worthiness depends on whether or not a counselor has high strength, and what their goal is regarding Jason.

Due to its high damage, counselors with high strength are capable of knocking Jason's mask off in a handful of swings. And since it doesn't stun Jason very often, it's a very useful weapon when trying to kill Jason. Unfortunately, Jason can simply grab a counselor to execute them; most counselors by themselves won't get a chance to hurt Jason, meaning counselors seeking to demask him should either move together as a group or arm themselves with a pocket knife in case Jason gets tired of dueling someone.

Otherwise, if you want basic protection, the machete isn't a great choice; try finding a weapon with higher stun potential instead. But considering that it's a somewhat rare weapon to find as of Patch 1/30/2018, it's a good idea to remember where you found a machete on the map just in case your team needs one later.

Keep in mind the machete is one of two weapons Tommy Jarvis can use to finish Jason off for good, the other being the axe.

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