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Jason Voorhees
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Gender: Male

Jason Voorhees is the series' trademark character; he is the main antagonist in Friday the 13th: The Game, as well as for the film series the game is based on.

History[edit | edit source]

Jason Voorhees, the only son of Pamela Voorhees, was born on June 13th, 1946; he was born with severe facial deformities on top of a learning disability. Because of this, he was often bullied by other children. This took a tragic turn in 1957; a vicious group of children tormented little Jason Voorhees during his stay with his mother at Camp Crystal Lake, a summer camp for kids. While there, the 11-year old boy was pushed into the lake despite being unable to swim, unbeknownst to the neglectful camp counselors who weren't paying attention to the kids (instead choosing to have sex).

Through unknown means, Jason survived, and went on to live as a hermit in the woods of Crystal Lake. Meanwhile, the camp had been closed down due to a spree of murders being perpetrated against the camp counselors. In secrecy, Jason's mother was murdering camp counselors as well as vandalizing the property to get revenge for her son (not knowing Jason was still alive the entire time), and thus making sure Camp Crystal Lake would never reopen. Eventually, she was decapitated in self-defense by a remaining camp counselor named Alice Hardy when the camp was about to be re-opened once more, but Jason happened to be nearby when he witnessed his mother being killed. After murdering his mother's killer, he began obeying his mother's wishes (which he started hearing in his head) to murder everyone who dared trespass the Crystal Lake area; she oftentimes reminds him of the delinquent counselors whose negligence almost led to his demise, and how they were responsible for their misfortunes in life.

Starting in 1984, he began murdering all camp counselors near Crystal Lake, everyone who entered the area, and anyone who interfered with his attempts to murder his prey. The only people Jason would refuse to murder are children; this is due to his memories of how he was bullied as a young child, and therefore he refuses to murder children in reverence of his own tragic childhood. However, Camp Crystal Lake, as well as the whole lakeside area, gained a bloody reputation from which it would never fully recover, despite attempts to revive it under a new name years later.

Some survivors managed to defeat Jason temporarily, but it wasn't until a young boy named Tommy Jarvis came around when Jason would meet his demise as a living human. Tommy killed the mass murderer in the same year of 1984 by hacking a machete into the side of Jason's head. For many years his dead body remained buried in the town graveyard, until Tommy Jarvis returned to his grave attempting to cremate Jason's remains, hoping to find solace once again by getting rid of Jason for good. This backfired when several lightning bolts struck a cemetery fence post Tommy pierced into Jason's body in rage, therefore reviving the mass murderer into an supernatural, undead entity with titanic strength.

Despite Tommy chaining down Jason into the lake where he died, he was freed twice, been dragged into Hell, and was even sent to space. No matter what happens, either in the films or other related media, he continues to be a dangerous mass murderer, seeking only to appease his mother's wishes from beyond the grave. He can be momentarily stopped or even contained, but he can never die.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

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Jason Voorhees' only goal is to prevent the counselors from escaping while murdering them. Jason can use tools, which includes placing traps as well as using throwing knives, to aid him in his quest. He can grab players, and murder them with various grab kills which can utilize the environment if the player chooses. On top of this, the game allows Jason to murder counselors by attacking them with a pre-determined weapon based on which Jason is chosen by the player. Finally, he has several supernatural abilities to aid him in hunting down the counselors.

While playing as Jason, his mother (Pamela Voorhees) communicates to him as a voice from the realm of the dead; oftentimes she urges him to "punish" the camp counselors for their misdeeds. She will also warn Jason if a counselor has intruded his shack unless the counselor is equipped with Jason's mask (which is gained by dealing enough damage to knock it off his face).

It's possible for the counselors to kill Jason, although it's very difficult to accomplish without a coordinated team. Even then, escaping his carnage might be the easier goal for a team to pursue.

He is currently the only playable character in the Offline Bots mode.

Variations[edit | edit source]

There are several different playable variations of Jason Voorhees in the game, each with different weapons, strengths, and weaknesses:

Grab Kills[edit | edit source]

See also: Grab Kills

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Jason uses many Abilities in-game to help him find, catch, and murder the counselors. Below are the various abilities which are chronologically ordered by when Jason attains them (excluding the tools, which he starts off with). Jason must use them to accomplish his goal of murdering everyone, or at least keeping an eye on the objectives that counselors will try to fix in order to facilitate an escape. He also starts off with his custom traps to help him ensnare unsuspecting counselors (the amount varies by each Jason), and can find throwing knives littered throughout the map.

Morph[edit | edit source]

Morph being used.

Morph is Jason's ability to teleport anywhere on the playable map; the player will bring up his special map (which shows the location of several objectives as well as other points of interest), then choose where to travel next. Counselors, on the other hand, will see Jason suddenly disappear, and appear in the exact manner should they be unfortunate enough to be near his new destination. At the same time, should they be near Jason when he first activates Morph or be near his new destination, their HUDs will receive a "scrambled VHS screen" effect acting as another warning Jason has used a teleportation ability.

This is Jason's first ability; he starts off with it from the get-go. It gives him the power to enact global presence, and it's crucial to lock down counselor objectives as well as areas of interest. Keep in mind you won't travel exactly where the cursor was, but rather to a pre-determined "pin" of sorts on the map where the cursor was closest. With experience, it will become easier to determine where these pins are.

You have several decisions to make using this ability starting off. Since you won't unlock your second teleportation ability (Shift) until a few minutes into the game, you will need to be careful about where you go first. Knowing the map you're playing on, as well as what counselors will try to repair first, will be helpful to hunt down counselors while your other abilities build up. The first location you choose should be a spot you consider important, such as the phone to call the police for instance. Outside of this, use it to deny players trying to use objectives to escape (e.g. repaired car) as well as to travel somewhere urgent.

You can utilize this ability to cut off escape routes some players will use when on the run from you, such as camping an area outside of the police's reach should the counselors successfully call them (as well as teleporting elsewhere if you believe other counselors are using the police as a distraction in order to repair a different means of escape). This ability can be combined with Sense and/or Stalk in order to surprise unwary counselors, as well as locate them quickly. It's especially useful when combined with Stalk in order to prevent counselors from discovering where you teleported.

Once Jason activates his Rage ability, the cooldown on this ability is drastically reduced, granting Jason even more global presence while he uses his remaining time to hunt down counselors.

Sense[edit | edit source]

Counselor player being highlighted red by Sense.
A building highlighted red by Sense, indicating that either a counselor player or a noise-maker is inside.

Sense is an ability which grants Jason the potential to hunt down counselors who are trying to stay hidden. The Jason player's HUD gains a grey tint, and objects of interest will glow red; this includes counselors with high amounts of fear as well as any noise making object.

This ability is the first one Jason unlocks since you begin matches with the Morph ability. It's a crucial tool Jason must use to find counselors, and tracks them down based on the level of fear a counselor is experiencing at the time. Depending on the version of Jason you choose, his Sense ability will either last longer or shorter, but its starting range of detection is the same unless the Jason chosen has a strength regarding it (at which point the starting effective range is much wider). Jason's total distance his Sense ability affects will continue to rise throughout the course of the game, even if a particular Jason has a weakened sense ability compared to others. Also, regardless of which Jason you choose, he will always gain this ability at the 0:45 mark of the game.

Contrary to popular belief, the composure stat has no direct bearing on sense's effectiveness. Instead, a counselor's composure determines how long it takes to give into their fear. Stealth, as well as all light sources will also have no effect. Fear is therefore the only factor on whether or not Jason successfully detects you while you're outside a building.

When a counselor is inside a building, if they aren't occupying a hiding spot, the house instead will glow red if Jason senses someone inside, regardless of composure, stealth, or fear. However, if all counselors inside a house take up a hiding spot, the house won't glow red. If a player turns on a radio they find inside a building, the house will glow red, and continue to do so until someone disables it (or Jason destroys it). Creative counselors can use this to fool Jason into thinking someone is still hiding inside a building when they're really not (or can even use the radio as a double bluff, occupying a hiding spot while Jason thinks the counselor ran outside while he was destroying the radio). Fire Crackers used inside a building can accomplish the same result while active.

Certain counselor perks do give counselors a chance to hide from Jason's sense ability, whether in house or outside, but it's not a guarantee, and you won't know if you successfully evaded his sense other than Jason not discovering you.

Once Jason's Rage ability has been activated, his sense ability dramatically improves besides a coodown reduction. He can detect objects of interest from a long distance, and a structure will turn red even if everyone in the building occupies a hiding spot. Counselors therefore must proceed with caution for the remainder of the game. It's due to Jason's Rage-enhanced Sense ability in particular which will make a counselor's life difficult trying to survive the full twenty minutes in a game.

Shift[edit | edit source]

Shift being used to chase a counselor.

Shift is the second teleportation ability in Jason's arsenal to hunt down counselors. His perspective changes to first person while his view gets stretched along the edges of the screen, giving the perception of moving at hyper-fast speeds. To counselors, he simply vanishes, then reappears at an unknown spot. Also, counselors will receive a "VHS scrambled screen" effect warning them Jason is using this ability. All Jasons will receive this ability at the 2:15 mark into the game.

This ability can be considered Jason's most potent offensive choice. Lasting five seconds, he will rapidly travel to a location of his directing, and while he cannot shift through obstacles as well as counselors themselves he can use it to close the gap on his prey. It can be tricky to control at first, but remember that grabbing as well as attacking will automatically end the ability. You can also simply reactivate Shift in order to cancel its effects.

One dangerous combo involves immediately grabbing a victim when you shift close to them; counselors can only zig-zap randomly in the hopes of escaping Jason's clutches. And even if they do avoid being grabbed, Jason will typically be very close, which will continue to drench the counselor(s) with fear. Shift can also be used to avoid getting shot by gunfire, as well as quickly invade a cabin in order to confuse counselors of your exact location while avoiding their traps. While using this tactic, use it after breaking down the door. Counselors will oftentimes place any traps they find near the entrance hoping you blindly walk through.

This ability is the kind where having a weakness regarding it drastically changes how it works. Regular Shift as well Shift+ will make Jason able to zoom around at lightning fast speeds while gaining huge distance, although it does require careful control from the player to use effectively. Jasons with weaknesses in Shift, on the other hand, will be slow enough to the point they are unable to catch a moving car, and they don't travel as far as normal shift, demanding careful input from Jason to use effectively. It will be somewhat easier to catch counselors, but it also makes objective control more difficult.

Jason can use Sense and/or Stalk before activating Shift to gain their effects. Sense can help Jason find counselors while using this ability, and Stalk will make it difficult for counselors to know where exactly he teleported if they have no visual confirmation of his new whereabouts.

Once Jason activates his Rage ability, it will heavily reduce the cooldown on this ability, giving Jason far more opportunities to snatch prey who attempted to escape.

Stalk[edit | edit source]

Stalk is one of Jason's abilities; he uses it to silently hunt down unsuspecting counselors. While active, the Jason player's HUD gains a blue tint.

The penultimate ability Jason unlocks, it's one of the craftier ones which will require some smart input from the player to use successfully. When activated, counselors will no longer hear the special musical cue which plays when Jason is nearby. As a result, it can fool counselors into believing they are safe until they see Jason in person, creating a jump scare for both the counselor as well as the player in control. No matter which Jason is chosen, he will always unlock this ability at the 4:15 mark into the game.

Jason players can combine this ability with Morph as well as Shift in order to silence the warning music when teleporting near a counselor. The only warning counselors will receive is the "VHS scrambled screen" effect which indicates Jason is using a teleporation ability, but they still won't know exactly where Jason's new location is until they have visual confirmation. However, if the Jason player is using a mic, players can possibly detect your presence there should you accidently talk/make a sound on the mic. Stay as quiet as possible if you're trying to scare the counselors, or even just mute your voice until you've been discovered.

Stalk will last a little over three minutes if Jason doesn't move while active, but it will last about only twenty seconds when he does. Keeping this in mind, Jason can activate this ability after leaving an area where he thinks counselors might still be hiding. This way, he can bluff them into revealing themselves from their hiding spots, and hunt them down once more.

While Rage is active, the cooldown on this ability is reduced heavily, creating more jump scares while combined with his other cooldown-reduced abilities. At later stages in the game, some counselors might occupy themselves in houses whose doors were already broken down by Jason, believing he might not check the same house twice. After tracking them down with his Sense ability, use stalk to fool them into thinking you've overlooked the previously trashed house.

Rage[edit | edit source]

Jason instantly tearing down a door while in Rage.

Rage is Jason's ultimate ability, serving as a major buff to all his regular abilities plus increasing his destruction potential. This ability charges throughout the game, and once activated it doesn't wear off. After this ability is completely charged the player's HUD gains a slight red tint for a few seconds, then returns to normal. Counselors will not hear Jason's signature noise cue when he unlocks an ability; this can prove deadly if counselors are still hiding while unaware of Jason's heightened ability to detect them.

At the very latest, Rage will be activated at the 15:00 mark into the game, but since it charges faster when taking damage, Jason will oftentimes have this ability up by mid-game unless the counselors spent most of their time hiding from him. Along with the various buffs rage includes to Jason's other abilities (listed in the ability list above), rage allows Jason to effortlessly tear down doors, walls, and fences.

One weakness to this ability is Jason has a harder time detecting noise pings (characters with mediocre stealth can essentially jog when Jason's rage is active), but with Jason's heightened abilities, he still holds far more dangerous tools at his disposal to track down counselors (most noticeably when using his sense ability), and with much shorter cooldowns.

While this ability is live, counselors are unable to hide from Jason at all, making survival difficult. It's best for the counselors to try and escape by means of a repaired objective before Jason's rage ability is activated; you stand little chance of hiding from him for the last minutes of the game, and he will teleport far more often than normal.

Traps[edit | edit source]

See also: Bear Trap

Throwing Knives[edit | edit source]

Jason player finds a throwing knife stuck to a pole.

Throwing Knives are tools available only to Jason; they are used to hurt the counselors, which can eventually slow them down or even finish them off from a distance. If counselors attempt to kite you by using obstacles, hit them with throwing knives to whittle down their health while their fear continues to ramp up. This will make it easier for you to hunt them down if they manage to escape your grasp.

On the flip side, you cannot move while aiming. As a result, should you miss the target, it will become more difficult to catch them if Shift isn't available to you at the time. Try to throw the knife where they'll be, rather than where they are at the moment unless they're running in a straight line away from you. Keep in mind Jason's throwing speed is very fast: it typically takes no more than a second or two to hit someone at long ranges.

Don't forget to collect them when you're not actively chasing down a counselor in your sights. You can find several knives throughout the map embedded into walls as well as poles. Jason's shack will always have two knives located in the room he starts off in.

Part 6 Jason will begin the match with four throwing knives as one of his strengths. Furthermore, when he picks up the two inside the shack, he will start off with a grand total of six.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

In-game[edit | edit source]

  • Previously, Jason wasn't able to destroy fences when in rage mode; this was fixed to help prevent counselors from endlessly kiting Jason around fences.
  • During the beta, Rage was the last ability for Jason to unlock after Shift; this was changed in the final product where Rage will have to build up on its own (by means of time as well as taking damage from counselors). The Stalk abilty replaced Rage as the third ability unlocked through the course of the game.

The films[edit | edit source]

  • Throughout the films, various actors - generally stuntmen - played the role of Jason Voorhees. However, Kane Hodder (who played Jason in Parts 7, 8, 9, and 10) played this role the most; he was hailed by fans of the series as the "Definitive Jason". Hodder also presently did the motion caption work of Jason for the game.
    • However, C.J. Graham, who played Jason in Part 6, was reported to have been a part of the team as well.
  • Originally in the first film, Jason was supposed to be officially dead, and wasn't supposed to appear at the end of the film. However, when Tom Savini had seen Carrie (1976), he suggested the idea of Jason coming up from the lake to drag down the final girl Alice in a jump-scare dream sequence. When the first film was a box office success upon its release, the sequels were initially planned to be unrelated to the first film and each with a different story under the Friday the 13th moniker, but it was Phil Scuderi (producer of the first film) who suggested into bring Jason into the first sequel and later on. Because of this, the original film's writer Victor Miller disliked (and never seen) the sequels for having Jason as the killer, stating that "Jason was dead from the very beginning; he was a victim, not a villain."
  • Initally when Miller created the character of Jason, he was portrayed to be only as a mentally-disabled young boy. It was Savini's idea, however, to make Jason deformed.
  • When Victor Miller was creating Jason, the name Jason was a combination of "Josh" and "Ian", Miller's sons, and the Voorhees last name came from girl that Miller knew at high school whose last name was Van Voorhees. He overall felt it was a "creepy-sounding name", which was perfect for his character.

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