Jason (Part 8)

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Jason (Part 8)
Part 8 Jason.png
Gender: Male
Weapon: Fire Axe
Strengths: Water Speed
Weaknesses: Sense
Can't Run
Grip Strength

Jason (Part 8) is one of the variations of Jason Voorhees that appear in the game. This Jason is modeled after his appearance in Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan (1989), and one of the roles played by Kane Hodder. He can be unlocked at Level 20.

History (Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan)[edit | edit source]

Following the events of The New Blood, two graduating high school students are aboard a houseboat on Crystal Lake. Jim tells his girlfriend Suzy the legend of Jason Voorhees, before playing a prank on her with a hockey mask and a prop knife. The boat's anchor damages some underwater cables, which shock Jason's corpse and revive him. He sneaks on board and kills Jim with a harpoon gun before impaling Suzy, who tries to hide from him, with a barb.

The next morning, the SS Lazarus is ready to set sail for New York city with a graduating senior class from Lakeview High School, chaperoned by biology teacher Dr. Charles McCulloch and English teacher Colleen Van Deusen. Van Deusen brings McCulloch's niece Rennie along for the trip despite her aquaphobia much to his chagrin. Jason sneaks on board and kills rock star-wannabe J.J. with her guitar before hiding in the bowels of the ship. That night, after a boxing match, a young boxer who lost to champion Julius Gaw is killed when Jason slams a hot sauna rock into his abdomen while Rennie, searching for her pet Border Collie Toby, discovers prom queen Tamara and Eva doing drugs. McCulloch nearly catches them moments later and Tamara pushes Rennie overboard, suspecting she told on them. She then uses video student Wayne to record McCulloch in a compromising situation with her, but rejects Wayne's advances afterward. Tamara is killed by Jason with a shard of broken mirror when she goes to take a shower.

Rennie begins seeing visions of a young Jason throughout the ship, but the others ignore the deckhand's warnings that Jason is aboard. Jason kills Captain Robertson and his first mate. Rennie's boyfriend, Sean, discovers them and tells the others before calling for an emergency stop. Eva is strangled as she tries to flee from Jason. The students agree to search for Jason while McCulloch decides that the deckhand is responsible; however, the deckhand is found with an fire axe slammed into his back. One of the students, Miles, is tossed to his death by Jason and Julius is knocked overboard. Elsewhere in the hold of the ship, Wayne comes upon J.J.'s body and is thrown into an electrical box by Jason; his corpse catches fire and begins a chain of events that causes the ship to sink. With the other students dead, McCulloch, Van Deusen, Rennie and Sean escape aboard a life raft, and discover Toby and Julius are alive as well.

They row to New York where Jason stalks them through the streets. Rennie is kidnapped by a pair of junkies and the group splits up to find help. Julius tries to fight Jason with his boxing skills, but becomes exhausted after Jason does not go down; he is then decapitated by a single punch from Jason. Rennie escapes from Jason when he kills the punks that kidnapped her. She runs into Sean and they reunite with the teachers and the police before Jason kills the officer who is helping them. Rennie crashes a police car after a vision of Jason distracts her. Van Deusen is incinerated in the car when it explodes, and it is revealed that McCulloch is responsible for Rennie's fear of water, having pushed her into the lake as a child. They leave him behind and Jason kills him by drowning him in a barrel of waste. Jason chases Rennie and Sean into the subway where Sean incapacitates him by knocking him onto the electrical third rail. He is revived again and chases them through Times Square where they try to escape through a diner. They flee into the sewers and encounter a sewer worker. He warns them that the sewers will be flooded with toxic waste at midnight before Jason appears and kills him. Sean gets injured in the process and Rennie draws Jason off, wounding him with a splash of acidic waste that forces him to take off his mask, horrifying Rennie. She and Sean climb the ladder as Jason staggers to get them, but just as he is about to kill them, the sewers flood and engulf him. Rennie sees a final vision of a child-form of Jason as the waste recedes.

The two of them then escape to the street, where they are reunited with Toby who had run away earlier, and walk off into the city.

Characteristics, Appearance, and Weapons[edit | edit source]

Jason's appearance is similar to his appearance in Part 7, wearing a very old, worn-out dark olive colored military shirt with two buttoned flap pockets, with matching olive colored military pants and worn-out black colored security boots. He also wears a pair of black leather gloves. His clothes appear to be very damp and waterlogged, and aren't as tattered and ruined as they were in Part 7, although they still have some various tears and rips. Considering in Part 7 Jason's original hockey mask obtained since Part 3 was split apart in two from Tina's teleknetic ability during the climax, Jason now obtains a new hockey mask from one of his victims in the beginning of Part 8. This time, Jason's new hockey mask is yellowish-colored and worn, and presents a top chevron and two lower chevrons (reminiscent of Part 3) facing the opposite direction from each other. Oddly enough, the new mask has the axe cut present with Jason's old mask.

When unmasked, his face is very zombie-like, and resembles a malformed scarecrow; his flesh and skin are greyish-white in terms of color, and is also very slimy, wrinkled, and moldy due to his time being imprisoned underwater. His nose is still missing, with his nose cavity visible like in Parts 6 and 7. As before, Jason's mouth has no lips or skin, exposing his gums and some teeth; some of the inside of his mouth is exposed on the left side of his face, also like in Part 7. There are various cuts and tears that also expose some tissue and bone.

Strengths and Weaknesses[edit | edit source]

The stats for Part 8 Jason

Strengths[edit | edit source]

  • Destruction - Has a reduced amount of hits required to break down doors and/or walls.
  • Stalk - Stalk ability lasts longer once activated.
  • Water Speed - Can swim very fast.

Weaknesses[edit | edit source]

  • Can't Run - Has a "fast walk" but can't run like Jason (Part 2) and Jason (Part 3).
  • Sense - Sense ability won't last as long once activted.
  • Grip Strength - the Counselors can break free from this Jason's grip easier and faster.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Much like Part 7 and Part 9 Jason, in the film he was played by Kane Hodder.
  • Since it's surprising to see that Jason's new hockey mask has the axe cut as seen previously with the old mask, the only possibility of this possible would be that the mask is a fan-made replica of what Jason's mask could've looked like. However, this is just an assumption and therefore the axe cut with Part 8's mask remains unconfirmed as to why it's there.