Jason (Part 3)

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Jason (Part 3)
Jason Part 3.png
Gender: Male
Weapon: Axe
Strengths: Can Run
Weapon Strength
Grip Strength
Weaknesses: Stun Resistance
Water Speed (Beta)

Part 3 Jason is one of the variations of Jason Voorhees featured in the game, and the first appearance in the film series with the iconic hockey mask. This Jason is modeled after his appearance in Friday the 13th Part 3 (1982) and the first Jason that the player is able to start out with.

History (Friday the 13th Part 3)[edit | edit source]

Whereas Part 2 had originally concluded that after Jason made one last attack against the remaining survivors, Ginny had been loaded into an ambulance asking about Paul's mysterious whereabouts by the following morning and the last scene showing Jason missing from his shack as his altar with his mother's head remained, Part 3 confusingly instead began with Jason pulling the machete from his shoulder and crawling away from the scene.

Following Part 2's events, the next day on Saturday the 14th, 1984, Jason breached a lakeside store owned by a man named Harold and his wife Edna to look for new clothing. As he steals a new shirt and pants, he murdered the old couple by slamming a meat cleaver into Harold's chest, and stabbing a sewing needle into the back of Edna's neck. A short time after Jason fled the scene, he found the uninhabited lakefront property Higgins Haven where he would take refuge inside the nearby barn to nurse his wounds. Shortly soon, the owner Chris Higgins had returned to the property with her boyfriend Rick, and her friends, Vera, Shelly, two stoners named Chuck and Chili, and Debbie who is pregnant with her boyfriend Andy, to spend the weekend - unaware of Jason's status in the barn.

When Shelly and Vera use Rick's car to get some food and supplies at a local convenience store, they get into trouble with a biker gang consisting of their leader Fox, Loco, and Ali. Outside, Shelly accidentally knocks over their motorcycles outside of their store, and Ali breaks the car's windows before they escape The bikers then follow them back to Higgins Haven, where they try to steal gas from their van. As a fascinated Fox enters the barn, Jason murders her off-screen and pinning her body with a pitchfork. Once Loco enters inside only for Jason to impale him with a pitchfork, Ali enters to discover their bodies and tries to fight Jason with a machete before the latter takes the upper hand and renders him unconscious with a pipe wrench. Right after this, he watches Andy and Debbie through the barn window and were about to enter inside, but the two then head back inside.

As Rick and Chris head elsewhere in the woods, the rest of her friends stayed back at the cabin to party as nightfall came. While Chuck tried to poop in the outhouse and smoked a joint, Jason then wanders out of the barn and initially harasses Chuck by shaking the outhouse before he retreats. Later, Shelly - masked with a hockey mask he had brought - pulled another prank on Vera at the docks with a harpoon gun and she angrily tells him to go somewhere else, but when Shelly enters the barn he is slit off-screen by Jason. Now equipped with his hockey mask to cover his deformities, Jason walks onto the docks with Shelly's spear gun just as Vera enters the water from accidentally dropping Shelly's wallet, and shoots it into her left eye before he discards it and faces towards the house.

Meanwhile with Chris and Rick, she reveals to him that the reason why she returned to Higgins Haven was to confront her fear. She explains one night when she goes home, she gets into an argument with her parents coming back late from her date with rick, and runs out into the woods only to have an encounter with a deformed man - this being Jason - just before she was found unconscious to remember what happened after that, and had apparently been brought back to her bed. Back at the cabin, Jason slams down a machete on Andy who was walking on his hands as Debbie remains in the shower. When she exits out in the shower and reads in her hammock, she looks up to see Andy's horizontally-spitted body on the overhead before before he stabs a knife through her chest from underneath. Next, Jason tampers with the fuse box for Chuck to investigate, and he throws him into it to electrify him and sever the power completely. Lastly, Shelly - still alive with a slitted throat - appears at the door and Chili initially dismisses him for another prank he's doing, but when she discovers he dies of his wounds she tries to escape only for Jason to finally thrust a hot-blazing fireplace poker into her stomach. With everyone now dead, he hides all of the bodies, notably Loco's body in a tree and Debbie's body inside a closet.

Chris and Rick return to find the place empty and quiet, and investigate. When Rick walks outside, Jason grabbed him from behind and crushed his head where it popped out one of his eyeballs. Just as Chris finds the bathtub leaking with blood-stained clothes, she looks around and outside for Chris only for Loco's body to fall out of the tree. She runs back to the cabin horrified of her discovery and locks all of the windows and doors, but as Jason throws Rick's body through a window she retreats upstairs and enters inside with a felling axe. After Chris tilts a bookshelf upstairs for the books to fall upon Jason, she then hides inside the closet where she screams upon finding Debbie's body. With Jason hearing this and began to hack away at the door, she takes the embedded knife from Debbie's body and stabs his hand, and prompts him to back away for her to stab him in the knee; he slowly pulled it out from his knee in pain and threw it back at her for it to miss. When outside, she tried to escape with the van only for the bridge to sunk the van's wheels as the limping Jason pursued her into the barn. Inside the barn, as he barricaded the front entrance from letting Chris escape she knocks him out with a shovel and wraps a noose around him to hang him outside the barn. When she removes the barricade, she sees a hanging Jason believing him to be dead only for her to be startled when Jason tries to escape the noose. As he temporarily unmasks himself to free his neck out of the noose, she recognizes him as the exact man that she encountered years ago. Just then, a revived Ali attacks him long enough for Jason to slice his arm off and hack away at him. With enough time, Chris grabs an felling axe to strike him in the head, and he staggers momentarily towards her before he collapses to the ground.

The next morning, Chris dreams of a bloodied unmasked Jason running outside to get her, but as he disappears a decomposing Pamela - apparently with her head intact - grabs her and brings her down into the water. The next morning, Chris dreamed of a revived Jason watching her through the window and running out to grab her, who disappeared just before a decomposing Pamela - apparently with her head intact - grabbed her and brought her down into the water. As the police arrive to bring out a hysterical Chris into a police car, the film panders towards Jason's body lying on the ground with the axe embedded into his head as the Higgin's Haven's lake remains at peace.

Characteristics, Appearance, and Weapons[edit | edit source]

Compared to Part 2, Part 3 Jason has oddly changed much more dramatically, and in the films was where it began to have continuity errors mainly regarding his appearance and sometimes his characteristics as well. Whereas the previous Jason was a human hermit, Jason in Part 3 has now changed to be not only more muscular and brute-like, but taller as well. As an example of where the continuity flaws begin, Part 3 had taken place a day after Part 2's events from Jason taking the lethal injury of a machete slammed into his shoulder, yet since it appears he's more beefier and and as if he injury didn't completely affected him; in reality, this would've been unlikely for Jason to be unleashing his brutal strength following the injury he had taken. Despite him being more stronger, he does still feel and receive pain such as when Chris stabbed him in the hand in which he then backs up in the hallway and as she stabbed him in the knee, he falls down and slowly pulls it out to throw it back at her. Due to his apparently beefy neck, the hanging failed to break his neck upon impact, and if you can notice slightly through the barn door's cracks he moves a bit outside trying to free himself; when Chris pulls out the barricade at the barn doors, he toys with Chris thinking he was "dead" for a minute before scaring her again when he moves and unmasks himself temporarily to free his neck. Prior to him exiting out of the barn and since, Jason this time acted more of a stalker than anything mainly due to him hiding his deformities in the barn, but even after he donned the mask he still began to stalk around the area.

Considering that in Part II he was unmasked by his previous victim Ginny when they believed he was "dead" from his machete wound, this Jason had now changed into new clothing from the lakeside store he had breached into. As already said, this was the first in the series for Jason to receive the now iconic hockey mask - a Jacques Plante-styled mask with a red chevron above mask's eyes and two lower chevrons pointing towards the nose. Accompanied with his hockey mask, he now wears a dark-green Big Mac worker shirt with two pockets on the chest over top a white undershirt, a belted pair of grey cargo work paints, and his black boots.

When unmasked, Jason's facial appearance has been changed much more than in the previous film; due to different make-up artists being on board for each different sequel, Jason's face constantly changes more-or-less dramastically and thus the main source of the continuity errors. Comparing to Part 2, now gone are the long hair and beard, and now somewhat resembles that of the original film's Jason. However, there are some differences in comparison to the original Jason, as the head size isn't as big and he appears to have one blue eye and one green eye - something not present in either the first or second films. It is also noted that Part 3 Jason's left side is no longer tumor-like as it was previously.

In the film, Jason had used a meat cleaver, a sewing needle, a pitchfork, a wrench, a harpoon gun, a machete, a butcher knife, his bare hands, a fireplace poker, and lastly a felling axe. It appeared for preference that he used his bare hands, which he had used twice (when he threw Chuck into the fuse box, and when he crushed Rick's head outside), the felling axe which he had used to chase after Chris inside the lodge, and the machete (when he used it to horizontally split Andy by the waist, and during the climax in the barn especially when he used it to hack up a later-alive Ali). In the game and general portrayals of Part 3's Jason, the felling axe (simply titled Axe in-game) appears to be his weapon of choice, however sometimes he is portrayed to have the machete and harpoon gun as well.

Strengths and Weaknesses[edit | edit source]

The stats for Part 3 Jason

Strengths[edit | edit source]

  • Can Run - This Jason is capable of running. Only this Jason and Jason (Part 2) have the ability to run.
  • Weapon Strength - This Jason can deal more damage with his weapon.
  • Grip Strength - Prevents the Counselors from easily breaking free.

Weaknesses[edit | edit source]

  • Stun Resistance - Can be stunned easier and for longer durations.
  • Sense - Sense ability won't last as long once activated.
  • Stalk - Stalk ability won't last as long once activated.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In the film, he was played by Richard Brooker, who had passed away from a heart attack on April 8th, 2013.
    • Just before his death, he had his interview about his portrayal of Jason in the documentary Crystal Lake Memories: The Complete History of Friday the 13th.
  • Originally, the dream sequence was supposed to be that Chris awakens the next morning only to be decapitated by a unmasked Jason with a machete - in style much like Pamela Voorhee's decapitation in a exaggerated manner to where her hands clutch in the air before she falls down. However, the filmmakers of Part 3 had found this deeming "too depressing, even for a dream sequence" and it was re-shot. Though the footage of his ending is lost, there are stills and images of it on the internet.
    • Legendary make-up artist Stan Winston came in to do Jason's facial design for the scrapped alternate dream sequence, but his approach was much more different than what was already seen in Part 3. Along with how no longer present was the droopy eye from Stan's Jason's design, but he had appeared to be more like an ogre-like monster rather an a deformed human being. As with the scrapped ending, there have been stills of it found on the internet, but the design was ultimately scrapped as well.
  • It was originally conceived for Part 3 to be the final installment despite no moniker about it being the final installment, but the success of the film had another sequel - Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter - released in 1984 with a moniker cited it as the final film, and to which had planned for Jason to be killed off for good (since at the time the slasher genre's popularity was decreasing). Obviously but surprisingly enough, the success of The Final Chapter still continued to make more Friday the 13th sequels starting with A New Beginning and beyond.
    • To add up with the inaccuracy from his previous appearance, Chris revealed to have a flashback to where she encountered Jason in the woods in 1982, but as seen in the flashback he appeared to be like that of what was already present in Part 3 and not like what he was in Part 2.
  • This is the first Jason variant ingame to receive an alternate skin, that being the Retro Jason skin based off his appearance in the 1989 NES video game of the same name from LJN.

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