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There are many items which can be found in Friday the 13th: The Game.

Items Overview[edit | edit source]

Counselors will discover a variety of items to help them survive the night. Many of them are found in cabins and/or buildings (usually located in drawers), but others have to be picked up while holding them like a weapon (except you cannot attack using them). Certains perks allow counselors to start off with varying items.

There are two types of items in total: Inventory Items and Objective Parts.

Inventory Items[edit | edit source]

Each counselor can hold up to three inventory items; they are highlighted in the bottom left of the player's HUD. These items are not held in hand, so you can walk around freely while wielding a weapon or holding an objective part.

Many of these items are used for support purposes, although there are a few which can be used to fight Jason.

  • First Aid Spray: An item commonly found in bathrooms as well as drawers, they heal a certain amount of damage you've taken. If you see a teammate visibly wounded, you can heal them instead by using the spray can while you're near them.
  • Fire Crackers: (See Also: Fire Crackers)
  • Walkie-Talkie: This item allows you to talk with people across the map who are carrying walkie-talkies of their own. They don't have infinite map range, but they do cover a fairly long distance. This item doesn't take up an inventory slot to hold, making it a very useful pickup. However, it only works if you have an operational mic.
  • Large Map: A map which shows you the location of the objectives, as well as more in-general information (e.g. location of houses). It also doesn't take up an inventory slot in order to hold it. As of the patch on October 25, 2017, it also shows where objective items dropped by counselors are located, giving the large map more power for runners as well as those hoping to fix an objective.
  • Pocket Knife: (See Also: Pocket Knife)

Objective Parts[edit | edit source]

These items are used specifically for fixing an objective. Several of them are held by hand, meaning you cannot equip a weapon while holding them, but there are exceptions.

  • Boat Propeller: Used to repair the boat; only one spawns per game. It can be found within buildings in varying places.
  • Car Battery: One of three items necessary to fix a car, it can be used for either the four or two seat variants. These parts are located on the ground inside buildings, and the number which spawns depends on the number of cars in a match.
  • Car Keys: One of three items necessary to fix a car, and likewise can be used for either the four or two seat variants. It's one of two objective parts which are found only in drawers, and the number which spawns depends on the number of cars in a match. Also, they are stored in your inventory rather than held by hand.
  • Fuse: Used to repair the phone box for calling the police; only one spawns per game. It's also one of two objective parts which are found specifically in drawers, not lying on a table/desk or on the ground, and are stored in your inventory rather than held by hand.
  • Jerry Cans: The most versatile objective part, it's used to fix either the boat or the cars (two and four seater). It can only be found on the ground inside buildings, and two spawn per game in total.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Pocket knives as well as fire crackers can be used even while holding an objective part; they will be a great help when defending yourself against Jason if you're acting as a part runner.
  • Most inventory items have an associated perk which improves their effectiveness, and allows you to start off equipped with one at the beginning of a match. They can be useful; the Psychic perk, for instance, improves the communication range of your walkie-talkie, allowing you to coordinate better with your teammates. The only inventory stored items without a related perk are pocket knives, car keys, and fuses.
  • If you play as a counselor with a weak repair stat, consider dropping objective parts you find near their associated objective so a repair specialist can fix them later.
  • Objective parts are found in houses/buildings near the objective of interest. For instance, the boat propeller will always be found in a building near the boat docks. If one of your teammates accidentally loses a part, you might still be able to salvage an objective by searching houses near another objective.
  • If you're about to die, and you have a walkie-talkie, make sure to tell your teammates the location of your corpse as best as you can. This way, they can pick up useful items you dropped upon dying such as a First Aid Spray.

Myths Confirmed/Debunked[edit | edit source]

  • If a counselor successfully escapes while holding onto inventory items, those items will respawn in the game at random places scattered alongside the shorelines of a map. This also includes car keys as well as the fuse.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Flare Gun was originally an inventory item; this was changed to being wielded as a firearm which could stun Jason it you successfully hit him.