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Hiding is a mechanic in Friday the 13th: The Game which allows counselors to occupy hiding spots found throughout the game.

Hiding Spots[edit | edit source]

There are four hiding spots counselors can hide in/under:

  • Beds
  • Closets
  • Outhouses
  • Tents

Hiding Mechanics/Strategies[edit | edit source]

In order to occupy a hiding spot, counselors have to place themselves near one while pressing the associated button/key press. However, if the hiding spot has been destroyed by Jason, it cannot be used anymore.

While a counselor is hiding, Jason cannot detect them with his Sense ability (unless his Rage ability is active). Hiding also switches the camera to first-person view, and can be aimed to look at different areas if you need to examine the environment.

Hiding while Jason isn't nearby lowers the fear level of a counselor very fast. However, if Jason is nearby, the counselor's fear will start to rise, and if the counselor's fear level becomes too high they will mutter to themselves outloud as Jason walks nearby; this gives Jason sound cues of where the counselor is hiding. Counselors with low composure will panic fast if Jason is nearby for a short while, but counselors with high composure who already built up high amounts of fear will also have great difficulty not blowing their cover.

Counselors can hold their breath while hiding. This prevents them from talking to themselves for a few seconds, but once the counselor runs out of breath they will breath outloud; this will reveal their presence to Jason when he's nearby. It should be done as a last resort, and is usually better done when there are other hiding spots nearby. Once a counselor runs out of breath, Jason will know someone is there, but if there are multiple hiding spots then he must choose carefully.

Occupying a hiding spot is a useful way to avoid Jason, but it won't help you if Jason is chasing you. If he locates your hiding spot, and interacts with it, you will die if he chooses the "execution" option instead of the "check the hiding spot" choice. Furthermore, you aren't helping your team at all if you decide to occupy a hiding spot for too long. If you rely on this mechanic to the point you camp hiding spots for several minutes a game, you can attract the ire of your teammates who might become less cooperative with you as a form of payback.

When a counselor occupies a hiding spot, they regain stamina very fast. In fact, the quickest way to regain stamina in-game is to occupy a hiding spot that is near an external light source (e.g. outdoor light post). The second fastest way to regain stamina is occupying a hiding spot which isn't near an external light source. As such, using hiding spots for a few seconds to regain stamina is an excellent idea when you're on the move, and since it hides you from Jason's Sense ability you might even be able to give him the slip when he's trying to detect counselors.

Using hiding spots is useful for staying off Jason's radar as well as regaining stamina, but don't rely on it to keep you hidden from Jason for too long. He will detect you with his Sense ability when he gains his Rage ability, and your teammates won't appreciate your cowardice.

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