Devil's Pitchfork

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Devils Pitchfork is a Weapon in Friday the 13th: The Game.

A violent and extremely brutal weapon in the game.

It is Exclusive to the Tom Savini Custom Jason which was a Kickstarter exclusive Jason, but due to popular demand, added to Backerkit as a pre-order.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

From Left to right

  • Savini Jason Concept Art, revealed by Wes in the Official Discord on the 20th April 2017. Tweeted out by the Official Twitter account the same day.
  • The "Devil's Pitchfork", revealed by Wes in the Discord and on his Twitter.
  • An image captured by the Discord owner Rainskull from the full reveal teaser. Here Savini Jason kills A.J Mason with The Devil's Pitchfork

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