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The Car's are a means of Escape in Friday the 13th: The Game.

Car[edit | edit source]

The Car comes in two varieties a 4 seated Blue car and the 2 seated Orange car and before you can escape via a car you must first Repair it by finding the Keys, Battery and some Gas.

Once you have found either the keys, the battery or some gas, you must preform the repair QTE mini game to attach the part to the car. If you fail at any part of the repair QTE mini game Jason will hear a sound cue alerting him to it.

Spawn Locations[edit | edit source]

Each time a map is loaded the vehicles are randomly spawned into the map, but have fixed locations as to where they could spawn.

Camp Crystal Lake[edit | edit source]

Camp Crystal Lake Small[edit | edit source]

Higgins Haven[edit | edit source]

Higgins Haven Small[edit | edit source]

Packanack Lodge[edit | edit source]

Packanack Lodge Small[edit | edit source]

Jarvis House[edit | edit source]

  1. 4 Seat Car: North-East of the Jarvis Residence on the road to Dier Bay
  2. 2 Seat Car: South of the Jarvis Residence by the trail to Blackfoot Camp

Pinehurst[edit | edit source]