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Axe is one of the Weapons in Friday the 13th: The Game.

This weapon boasts very high damage, and as a result it's best used with characters who have high strength. It only takes a few hacks at Jason to knock him down as well as potentially rip his mask off. With its long reach, use combat stance to hack away at Jason; you can get his mask off in no time if he fails to block your hits. Keep in mind it has a slower attack speed than most weapons, similar to the baseball bat, though this is compensated by having a longer reach than normal (also like the baseball bat).

Perhaps its only noticeable flaw is the fact this weapon has good stun, yet its main purpose is to inflict high damage. It's important to remember all attacks that stun Jason do no damage, so a weapon with above-average stun potential will interfere with trying to rip Jason's mask off occasionally. This weapon can be best thought of as the ultimate self-defense weapon: you will either stun Jason, or deal high amounts of damage that it will knock Jason down to the ground for a moment, both of which gives you time to escape or rest up before Jason stands up again. But if you're trying to kill Jason, you should ditch this weapon in favor of the machete if given the opportunity (unless the increased range matters more to you).

It's also one of two weapons Tommy Jarvis can use to finish off Jason for good (when certain steps have been taken), and since one can always be found in Jason's cabin, it might not be a bad idea to loot it at the time if your team lacks a machete.

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