Adam Palomino

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Adam Palomino
Gender: Male
Composure: 7/10
Luck: 2/10
Repair: 6/10
Speed: 5/10
Stamina: 4/10
Stealth: 3/10
Strength: 8/10

Adam Palomino is one of the Counselors in Friday the 13th: The Game, and is nicknamed "The Edgy Guy".

Overview[edit | edit source]

He's tough and can fix a vehicle like no other counselor can. We like to think of him as the down-to-earth grease monkey at high school who looks out for others and protects them from bullies. He doesn't take any shit from anyone...[1]

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Due to him having great physical strength, Adam is best suited to protect other counselors. He can deal a fair amount of damage to Jason and distract him from the other counselors, while they repair the car or phone box.

He has average stamina and speed, which makes running away from Jason slightly more difficult, but manageable. He isn't a stealthy character and cannot efficiently sneak past Jason. However with his composure being relatively high, this allows him to remain calm and reduces the rate at which fear builds up. This means less of a chance of him being seen by Jason with his Sense ability.

He has an above average level of repair, which allows him to repair the phone box and car pretty efficiently, but he should let the other higher intelligence counselors do so if they are around.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Adam Palomino is portrayed mainly as an "American tough guy". He has shoulder length brown semi curly hair, green eyes, and pink lips. He wears a leather jacket decorated with pins, a plain t-shirt, denim jeans, and high top sneakers.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Adam Palomino is also one of the four Kickstarter backers who donated $10,000 to be put in the game as a counselor. The others being Brandon, Kenny, and Eric.
  • Adam is presumably based on the character Clay Miller from the remake Friday The 13th (2009).

Gallery[edit | edit source]

  • Adam Palomino's concept art.
  • Adam Palomino's full model.
  • Adam Palomino's stats from the beta, which have now been slightly tweaked by Wes.

References[edit | edit source]